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Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects:


  • Establishing the failure rate of Bids received by Municipal entities, reasons for the failure and mitigation measure
  • The applicability of mineral and mining rights concepts in facilitating value capture in South Africa
  • Leveraging technology in real estate to generate "best value"
  • A values-based transdisciplinary analysis of the sustainability outcomes of urban public space regeneration and improvement
  • Value creation through water sensitive urban design: TRUP
  • Urban FM in the creation of sustainable urban precinct: A case study of Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius
  • What issues facilitate and constrain the use of value capture mechanisms by the State in Uganda: Case Study of Kampala-Entebbe Express Highway
  • A methodology to segment and disaggregate the South African housing market
  • A comparative study of large urban developments in South Africa
  • The role of UrbanFM in achieving sustainable urban environments using systems theory
  • The identification of where and why the formal economic sectors of Cape Town’s : economy locate where they do
  • Development of a prioritisation model  for capital expenditure programmes in local government
  • Sustainable Precinct Development
  • Institutional Economics and Understanding the Gaborone Property market.
  • Value creation & capture around transport infrastructure station nodes in South Africa
  • The relationship between foreign direct investment  and the maturity  of real estate markets.
  • The Geographic Diversification of REIT Portfolios
  • Strategic FM and management of defense force assets
  • Urban FM/SFM tbc
  • The impact of South African planning legislation on the property development industry
  • Understanding the importance of Real Estate markets in urban land management policy formulation.
  • A comparative study  of the performance of the South African and UK commercial property market sectors.
  • The impact of the Johannesburg Gautrain project on local property markets.