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Luke Boyle

Luke Boyle is an early-career urbanist with a focus on development issues in cities of the Global South. Luke holds a Masters of Philosophy in Urban Management and Sustainability for which his dissertation on developing a sustainable urban development framework for South African cities earned him the prestigious Joseph Arenow award from the University of Cape Town.
Luke has been involved in a number of pioneering urban research projects spanning multiple disciplines and is currently URERU's full-time researcher. Luke is also the manager of the Journal of African Real Estate Research, a peer-reviewed publication that showcases the work of emerging African academics. The journal strives to advance the real estate research community in Africa and facilitate dialogue between researchers engaged on research into real estate issues on the continent. Luke's primary research interests centre around sustainable urban development in marginalised communities as well as smart city development.
Outside of the office Luke is an avid surfer and hiker and spends most of his free time outdoors around the Cape peninsula.