What we're up to...

4 Sep 2018 - 14:45

Here is an overview of our most recent research endeavours:

Micro-developers in Cape Town

Our research into the development of small-scale rental accommodation in low-income communities in Cape Town begun its second phase. During this phase we are looking at ways to develop a support structure for micro-developers in Cape Town so that the developments can receive the adequate funding and technical support.

Housing Policy Review

The unit is working with the City of Cape Town in reviewing its current housing policies.

Smart City Research Project

The unit has recently embarked on an exciting research project examining Smart Cities and urban development in South Africa. The initial phase of this project is currently underway and is attempting to understand the challenges and opportunities for Cape Town and its Smart City strategy.

PropTech and the 4th Industrial Revolution

The unit has recently started mapping the PropTech (or property technology) ecosystem in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the disruptive technologies that are beginning to infiltrate the real estate sector.

Public Land Development Research Programme

The Public Land Development Research Programme is a multi-faceted project that examines the best way to dispose of public land for the purpose of development. Currently, we are undertaking research in the following areas:

  • A review of the Legal Issues pertaining to the Release of Public Land via Leasehold.

  • Mapping the Development Process in the Western Cape

  • A review of the Success Factors of Public Land Developments

  • Training Programme for Public Officials

The Potential of Value Capture in South Africa

Land value capture offers an innovative solution to funding urban infrastructure projects in a fiscally-constrained environment. Our current research on Value Capture is examining the various options available in South Africa and what is needed to put these principals into practice.

African Real Estate Investment Trusts

We are currently developing a research agenda with Rebel Group and Anchor Stock Brokers which will examine ways to promote and stimulate Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) across Africa. The initial phase intends to address specific information gaps by mapping the existing African REIT landscape.

International Real Estate Body of Knowledge and African Universities

This research examines the academic syllabus taught by universities across Africa to assess the degree to which local real estate markets are integrated into African real estate programmes. The purpose is to help define a syllabus reflective of the needs of African graduates attempting to start a career in real estate.

Development of a Property Data Platform

Transparency and availability of data remains a critical issue in property markets across Africa. The unit is presently trying to address this through the development of an industry database platform providing key metrics relating to the real estate sector. As part of this, the unit will also be initiating a property data subscription service for the sector.

Postgraduate Research

We have a number of postgraduate students completing ground-breaking masters and doctoral theses. Below are a few that are nearing completion:

  • Developing a theoretical framework to understand the Ugandan commercial property market

  • The impact of Basel III on the provision of long-term housing finance in South Africa

  • Factors that impact on South African REITs trading at a discount or premium to their Net Asset Value

  • Segmentation in the Cape Town housing market

  • The influence of technological innovation on the social sustainability of the facilities management profession

If you would like to get involved in one of our project or help sponsor some of the work we do, please get in touch.