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Recently Completed Projects

Recently Completed Projects:

  • The ranking of ecological factors in urban-planning decision-making: A case study of the urban edge relaxation for the Wescape Development
  • A diagnostic approach to inter-metropolitan spatial targeting: Evidence from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Barriers facing the provision of appropriate and affordable student housing
  • The application of value capture in South African municipalities: The Bridge City Precinct Development
  • Employee satisfaction as an indicator of building performance
  • The challenge of developing higher density, affordable housing in the inner city of Cape Town
  • The role of FM in improving service delivery at the National Government Level: A case study of Cape Town
  • Sustainable urban development and its impact on FM: A case study of the City of Doha, Qatar
  • State intervention in the Philippi area through the Wetton-Lansdowne Corridor Programme Centre for Cities.
  • South African township economies and commercial property markets: A conceptualisation and overview.
  • Management of community shopping centres in emerging economy areas