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Urban Real Estate Research Unit
Department of Construction Economics and Management
EBE Faculty
University of Cape Town
Level 5, Snape Building
Private Bag X3
Rondebosch 7701


All Enquiries Contact:  

Email: ureru@uct.ac.za
Julie Thompsett

Tel: (+27) 021 650 4703
Email: Julie.Thompsett@uct.ac.za

Luke Boyle
Tel: (+27) 021 650 2476
Email: Luke.Boyle@uct.ac.za

Core Research Team:      
A/Prof Francois Viruly – Francois.Viruly@uct.ac.za
A/Prof Kathy Michell – Kathy.Michell@uct.ac.za
Rob McGaffin – Robert.McGaffin@uct.ac.za