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Unpacking the Current & Future Impact of Technology on the South African Property Industry

URERU Smart City Report Series 1: Overview and Analysis of Cape Town's Digital City Strategy

URERU Smart City Report Series 2: Current State and Characteristics of Cape Town's Smart City Development


Legal Considerations Pertaining to a Leasehold Structure for Public Land Developments – The Waterfall Estate Case

Micro-developers in South Africa: a Case Study of Micro-property Developers in Delft South and Ilitha Park, Cape Town

July RealFlash: Global Real Estate Transparency Index

An Investigation into the Relatively Low Uptake of Residential Stock within South African Real Estate Investment Trusts

A Critique of the Application of Neighborhood Sustainability Assessment Tools in Urban Regeneration

State of Cape Town Housing in 2018

A Management Concept for Driving Sustainability in Marginalised Communities in South Africa


Urban Facilities Management: A Systemic Process for Achieving Urban Sustainability 

Disruptors of the South African Property Market Cycle: A glimpse into the future

Clicks and Mortar: the Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Property Market

An Empirical Assessment of the South African and United Kingdom Property Markets

Potential Effects of Technological Innovations on Facilities Management Practice


Value Capture in South Africa

Housing Market Assessment: URERU Working Report

The Challenge of Developing Higher Density, Affordable Housing in the Inner City of Cape Town