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  • URERU Seminars 2019:

    The Long and the Short of the SA Property Market, 23rd January 2019

    The Long and Short of the SA Property Market

    Panellists:  Dave Russell (Baker Street Properties)

                      Prof François Viruly (URERU)


    What's Next for Student Housing in Cape Town? 16th April 2019

    What's Next for Student Housing in Cape Town?

    Panellists:  François Viruly (URERU)

                      Gianluca Lamfranchi (SWISH Properties)

                      Nigel Haupt (UCT Properties & Services)


    The European Real Estate Cycle and the role of South African Capital, 26th June 2019

    The European Real Estate Cycle, and the role of South African Capital

    Panellists:  Tom Mundy (JLL)

  • URERU Seminars 2018:

    SA Property Market Outlook for 2018, 31st January 2018

    What 2018 holds for the SA Property Market

    Panellists:  Dave Russell (Baker Street Properties)

                      Anton De Goede (Coronation)

    eCommerce, Logistics and Real Estate, 5th April 2018

    Is Logistics Becoming the New Retail Sector?

    Panellists:  Niall Boyle (Nucleus Logistics)

                      Bram Goossens (Equites Property Fund)


    Recent Trends in Property FInance, 12th September 2018

    Recent Trends in Property FInance

    Panellists:  Jacques Labuschagne (Trust for Urban Housing Finance– TUHF)

                      Suleiman Titus (Nedbank Corporate Investment Bank)

  • URERU Seminars 2017:

    Spatial Trends Seminar, 1st February 2017

    Spatial Trends in the Western Cape Real Estate Market (video link)

    Panellists:  Dave Russell (Baker Street Properties)
                      Peter Ahmad (City of Cape Town)
                      Deon Van Zyl (Western Cape Property Developer's Forum)

    Future Trends Seminar, 3rd May 2017

    Trends Shaping the Future of the South African Property Market (video link)

    Panellists:  Prof John Simpson (Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing)
                      Prof François Viruly (Urban Real Estate Research Unit)
                      Joalinda Asuamah (South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners)

    Digitisation Seminar, 26th July 2017

    Digistisation of the Real Estate Sector (video link)

    Panellists: Prof François Viruly (Urban Real Estate Research Unit)
                     Prof Carsten Lausberg (Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Germany)
                     Wayne van der Vent (Quoin Online)

    Micro-developers Seminar, 26th September 2017

    The Role of Micro-developers in Cape Town (video link)

    Panellists: John Spiropolous (Urban Real Estate Research Unit)
                     Luvo Mayaphi (Micro-developer)
                     Anele Kolisi (Micro-developer)
                     Stuart Hendry (Development Unit for New Enterprise)